An art gallery featuring the works of John Koehler and other artists.


The Book Works of Art (2018-2022) by John Koehler
is now available in hardcover on Amazon.

John Koehler is an award-winning visual artist, graphic designer, gallery owner, book publisher and the author of eleven books.

The artwork on this website is a sampling of the nearly 500 works produced by the artist since 2018 using an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, ProCreate app and multiple photos taken by the artist, others or stock photos used with permission. In the portfolio of work (see the categories above) you will see the various subject matter and styles used by Koehler. Portraits, dreamscapes, pets, endangered animals and more.

Koehler states that, “my breakthrough moment came on January 4, 2022, when I accidentally discovered a new style of layering, color alteration, heavy use of digital filters and mixed imagery that has now become my trademark style. More to come.”

John Koehler earned a BFA in Communications Arts and Design from Virginia Commonwealth University and attended graduate studies at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. John’s professional career includes being senior art director of a major advertising agency and running a design studio. He was also the director of a Younglife Capernaum ministry for 5 years.  John was awarded the lifetime achievement Silver Medal by the Advertising Federation of Hampton Roads in 2016. He has travelled the world competing in boomerang competitions, set a world record in the Endurance event in 1987, was a member of several United States teams, was the coach of the 2002 World Champion US team, and is the 1991 Individual Boomerang World Champ. His wife Patty and daughters Danielle and Kimberly are also artists.

Koehler is currently the founder and publisher of Koehler Books, an award-winning Indie publisher of over 1700 books since 2010.

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