Commissioned Portraits

Now you can commission a fun personal portrait from the award-winning artist John Koehler.

First the “subject” will have a creative discussion with John to decide which of the styles shown below will be used. Will it be a standard painterly look, a fantastical setting or an elaboration of the subject using AI. Then the subject will sit for a series of photos.

John will then proceed with the post-photo work and digitally manipulate, layer and colorize the photos using Photoshop, ProCreate, advanced AI artbots, and other exclusive tools to create the perfect look.

Finally a 15″ wide Giclee print on canvas will be framed in black and presented to the subject. Voila!

Fee: $995 including photo session, digital artistry, printing and framing.

Numbered portrait styles shown here:

Larger detailed images and descriptions shown below:

 An award-winning image of a female surfer-pirate with assorted sea creatures. The “scene” is created digitally and will be discussed with the subject.

2) Another surrealistic image of a woman dropping into the water prior to becoming a mermaid.


3) After submitting 15+ photos to an AI program, the resulting images are organized for variety.

4) An award-winning simple layering technique using the subject and natural elements such as leaves and plants.

5) Another surrealistic scene starting with the subject on a paddle board.

6) A painterly style with various digital brushes used on top of photo. Not recommended for women.

7) A topographical line style for the bold.